1. @sguptaauthor

    To Read More: My Clever Little Add On


    Although its not technically part of my narrative, I added on one more assignment in the design category. Its called Book Artist, and as per the name it asks you to:

    Re-design your favorite book cover!


    In GIMP/Photoshop/any image editor of your choosing, create a new book cover …

  2. @kerauch8

    Our 5th and Final Week!


    Well, this course has finally come to an end. Some much time and effort was put into this class in assignments, daily creates, and various readings or videos. We were given such an extensive list of resources for every topic we covered and could go in depth as we wanted …

  3. @kerauch8

    Everything I Learned and More


    To start off I want to go into more detail about my final project and the pieces that put it together. I chose 5 assignments out of the assignment bank to weave together and create a story.

    Visual Assignments: My final story contained 2 visual assignments. The first one I …

  4. @kerauch8

    The Journey to UMW


    There are many different stages in life that can cause so many emotions all at once. Emotions like stress, happiness, sadness, nervousness, joy, enthusiasm, or anger. You can’t choose to feel all of these emotions but you can choose which ones you let affect you. That’s what she decided to …

  5. @RichBarnes106

    DS106 Week 5 Summary, The End is Here


    DS106 is over and this is my final summary. I will start off by sharing my final project and each tutorial I did for the six parts of my final project which were visual, audio, GIF, video, audio and video. The total assignment difficulty was 24.5 stars. The final project …

  6. @RichBarnes106

    Final Project Tutorial 6


    The assignment was Alternate Ending worth 5 stars. This was the hardest part of my final project for two reasons: I was shooting with inanimate objects by myself and it was hot as heck outside when filming. The original scene I picked was from Terminator 2 and it can be …

  7. @paceamorebella

    My Conclusion to DS106


    Digital Storytelling has been a challenging yet enjoyable class. When I first started, I was extremely nervous because I did not really know what to expect. Getting my foot into this realm was honestly the most challenging part of the class for me and the most time-comsuming. However, I dredged …

  8. @RichBarnes106

    Final Project Tutorial 3


    The assignment was Subtitle a GIF worth 4 stars. I took a short video of Yub the Ewok with my Sony Camcorder jumping and then added the video to Windows Movie Maker. I then clicked the caption button (under home) to add my subtitle. The text tools you see here …

  9. @kerauch8

    The Sound of Getting into College


    The full assignment is linked and listed in its entirety below:

    This is a short and simple assignment. Most everyone uses freesound for various audio assignments, but sometimes, you cannot find quite what you are looking for. This assignment is to upload your own sound or sound effect to freesound, …

  10. @kerauch8

    Take a trip to UMW


    The full assignment is linked and listed in its entirety below:

    Where is somewhere that you have always dreamed of going? I really like travelling, and I often think about where I would go if I had all the money in the world. Do a video montage of images and/or …

  11. @kerauch8

    10 Step Collage


    The full assignment is linked and listed in its entirety below:

    Take ten steps in any direction and with each step take one photo. Think about angles and lighting to create interesting photographs. Don’t forget the Rule of Thirds! Create a collage in a photo editor.

    This assignment is worth …

  12. @taractaonline

    I Did it My Way


    I would like to summarize what I learned this week. For my reflection on the entire course, please click here or follow the link towards the end of this page.

    This week was a challenge for me. Throughout the course I had difficulty with storytelling behind the visual, design, audio …

  13. @taractaonline

    Digital Storytelling and Me


    I must confess that at first I was not at all comfortable with the course material as from the first week I got the impression that the whole course was about designing blogs and websites. I am not such a great programmers at this stage so the idea of writing …

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