1. @sguptaauthor

    Advertiser profiles: by the Numbers


    A lot of people seemed to gain insight from the advertiser profiles activity last week.

    I had already seen how Facebook profiles my interests while poking around my account settings one day, but it didn’t startle me because I associate Facebook with a distinct lack of privacy. I go there …

  2. @sguptaauthor

    Notes on Doctorow’s Second Law


    Maybe its because I’m used to reading dry science textbooks, but I was compelled by my time with the textbook Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free by Cory Doctorow. In particular, I thought the second part was especially thought-provoking, probably because its salient to me as someone who enjoys creative …

  3. @sguptaauthor

    Cloud Computing is Internet Magic


    The first time my Microsoft Word subscription went out of date felt like a disaster. In the mad rush to find somewhere to type and edit my paper for 7th grade English, I discovered Google Docs. I immediately fell in love with the convenience of it without understanding how it …

  4. @sguptaauthor

    Faces of the Internet: Representation Activity


    The “Representation” Activity required us to do the following:

    Perform Google image searches for the following terms

    Teacher: almost exclusively white women

    Professor: almost exclusively white men

    Doctor: almost exclusively white men

    Nurse: almost exclusively white females

    Baby: almost exclusively white

    Teenager: almost exclusively white, mainly girls

    Criminal: Mostly clip …

  5. @sguptaauthor

    Realizations about the Internet Age


    Whenever I need to feel old enough, I remind myself that I lived a significant portion of my life without internet access. For approximately the first 7 years of my life, I had never been on the Internet. Later, we had dial-up, a form of the Internet so useless I …

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#tdc2143 Celebrate World Television Day

There’s more to television so-called reality shows or soap operas– create your own DS106 spirited short video as part of today’s United Nation’s celebration of World Television Day