1. @sguptaauthor

    Week 4 Weekly Summary


    Once again I’m doing the diary-format for the weekly summary. Today I watched the video for the week, did the reading by Ebert, and watched three of the videos–the draft of my post is in the works.


    I tweeted out the Daily Create and made a post about

  2. @sguptaauthor



    F+or 4.5 stars, I did the Narrative Ambiance assignment, which asked us to:

    Take a favorite poem, inspiring quote or passage from a book (or even a movie monologue, if you like!) and record yourself reading it. Then set it to original video you’ve recorded with some kind of music …

  3. @kevinds106

    Film Scene Analysis


    I was ecstatic to find that the ending to Tetsuo: The Iron Man, was in our list of options for movie scene analysis. It has long been a favorite movie of mine, I’ve always admired how such a low budget effort could have such a perfect storm of fantastical and …

  4. @kevinds106

    Video Assignment #2: My Mom!


    The assignment was to take related clips from a TV Show or movie and cut them together. This seemed like a daunting task at first, searching through each episode of a tv show to find the exact clips needed. Luckily enough, I remembered Regular Show has plenty of characters with …

  5. @RichBarnes106

    Week 4 is Over in DS106


    Week 4 was our week to do video in DS106. I enjoyed this week just as much as audio week as I have a passion for doing video and audio. I also got to fuse those two passions together in one of the video assignments! On to week four!

    The …

  6. @kerauch8

    What a Week it Has Been!!!


    Week 4 is complete and now we move on to the Final Project portion of the course!

    For this week, I learned a lot about film techniques and how much of an impact they have on a piece of work. I have always been under the impression that the work …

  7. @kerauch8

    Look. Listen. Analyze.


    This reflection proved to be my favorite assignment of the week. Being able to incorporate what we learned this week into analyzing a movie clip ourselves was very telling to how much we had learned. For this assignment, we analyzed the clip in three different ways.

    First: Analyze the camera …

  8. @tyler_gimple

    How to Read a Movie

    Reading: Angles and Cuts

    The first video I watched was the video on the match cut. When I researched this further I realized it was also known as a “match on action.” A match on action is an editing strategy in which a singular action is seen from multiple different …

  9. @paceamorebella

    Week 4 Summary


    In week 4 of DS106, I learned a lot about reading,analyzing and working with videos. I really enjoyed the interaction with the class this week as well. I felt like I got to converse with more people than ever before and put more time into looking into all of the …

  10. @paceamorebella

    Look. Listen. Analyze!


    The scene I chose is from Scent of a Woman, with Al Pacino. The first part I will analyze is, 

    Analyzing the camera work: 

    For this part, the volume is on mute and I looked specifically at the camera angles and views that they used in filming this movie…

  11. @RichBarnes106

    Another Chewbacca Mom Parody


    The Cereal Killer was created and debuted in 2006 with the film “Cereal Killer.” He wears a Scary Movie mask and wields a knife and a mace & chain. He lives only to make bad jokes and kill anyone in his way. Probably anyone not in his way too. Since …

  12. @kevinds106

    Reading Movies Reflection


    I found Ebert’s suggestions on how to thoroughly read movies pretty fascinating. I’ve long been captivated by cinema and it was once my dream to be a screenwriter, I would often re-watch my favorite movies to exhaustion attempting to gain a better understanding of what made them seem so brilliant …

  13. @byernatalie

    Week 4: Are We There Yet?


    I’m really happy with what I have created for this class so far but I am also happy that this semester is almost over! I think I have improved so much in photo editing alone because I have to do it so frequently for the daily creates and I love …

  14. @byernatalie

    The Good, The Bad, And The Unexperienced


    Going into this scene analysis assignment, I was a little nervous. Sometimes I have trouble with analyzing camera elements because I don’t have a lot of experience with filming professional looking video or video production. I’m really a camera on a tripod kind of girl. So, I went into this …

  15. @taractaonline

    An Amazing Video Week


    This course has been unfolding precious mysteries for me. In the previous weeks I was able to organize my personal blog, learn photo editing and tell audio stories. This week has been more amazing for me. It was related to the video world. I was able to have a glance …

  16. @taractaonline

    How to Look, Listen and Analyze a Movie Scene


    For the “Look” and “Listen” parts of the scene, I made points and elaborated them in the form of bullets. The “Analyze” part is more like a summary as it is a reflection of both the “Look” and “Listen” parts moving along together.

    Look   Camera movement backwards to forward. This…
  17. @taractaonline

    Roger Ebert on reading a movie


    I must confess that when I started reading this article this did not make any sense. It was all gibberish to me. I believe what I had missed was to actually read a bit about the writer to know what authority does he has on movies. So I looked at …

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