1. @taractaonline

    Summary of Cinematic Techniques


    Camera Angles and Techniques

    Camera techniques and techniques coupled with special effects can make a video amazing. This video has focused on the different camera tricks that can be performed to enhance the quality of the video that is being recorded. There are different techniques describes in the video like …

  2. @kerauch8

    Just Keep Swimming


    For this video assignment, the objective was to make a moving object using Vine. This being my first project using the app, I started off by making a few sample vines to understand the recording options and settings. I was able to take still images of the fish and …

  3. @kerauch8



    This daily create came on the perfect day for me! Any other day this week, would have been an ordinary day. I would have walked to campus for my other course, I would have been around Fredericksburg a little, nothing super interesting. But not today…

    #dailycreate #ds106 #tdc1650 My travels …

  4. @starfirego

    Were Half Way There


    I can’t believe it!! us students are already almost finished Great job you guys!!

    This week again was really challenging but there was times that it was fun too!! I think I did are really good job this week on completing the assignments I guess once you get the hang …

  5. @RichBarnes106

    Look, Listen and Analyze: The Hulk


    Today I will be analyzing a short clip from the movie The Hulk from 2003. I have been a fan of the Incredible Hulk since I was a little boy. I loved the TV show from the late 70’s starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I have also collected Incredible …

  6. @sguptaauthor

    My Actual Favorite Daily Create


    Some of the other Daily Creates were pretty awesome and led in some pretty interesting directions, but this was the best. Its like the Daily Create creator (who is the Daily Create Creator? Now I’m wondering. Well anyway…) knew that it was going to be a magnificent sunny summer day. …

  7. @taractaonline

    Is commenting helpful in learning only?


    In my previous week’s post I had emphasized on how great it is to comment on other blog posts and learn in the process. There is no doubt you first need to read a blog to comment on it.  Commenting without reading is simply spamming which is not good to …

  8. @starfirego

    Post -it (proof)


    One of thing I do badly is generate conversation. I have been working on it and it just seems that people are catching on. Here are some of the post that I have posted this week.

    I just worked on mainly commenting about little things that I understood or I …

  9. @starfirego

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego


    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego ! I think it is more like Where in the world is Adriel Brooks and what am I thinking? Anyway its already 1:50 in the afternoon and I already have been very busy. With a move on the way on my days off …

  10. @sguptaauthor

    A Nerd Goes to the Movies

    How to Read a Movie

    I won’t lie: I thought this would be dull. Analyzing movies sounded a lot like analyzing books, which is just about my least favorite activity even though I love reading them. I spent all of my secondary education dreading English classes precisely because I did …

  11. @kerauch8

    A Story of Words


    For this assignment, 5-10 words were chosen at random. These words were then google searched and an image for this word was chosen. The words and images were then used to create a video and story to mesh all these random words together! The 7 random words I came …

  12. @starfirego

    How To….


    I don’t care what people say about me I am always going be nervous around camera’s but who is not? This Video Assignment takes me on an adventure of how to make a How To video (4 1/2)  (very proud of myself because I am keeping up the  “4”‘s this …

  13. @starfirego

    I do..what I do


    Another great  Video Assignment this comes from the assignment  What Do You Do? this is worth (4 starts). My thinking is that it should be rated about 3 stars but that is just my personal opinion. I guess this is where I tell the story about what I do everyday, …

  14. @RichBarnes106

    Cinema Technique 1 – Tarantino from Below


    The first cinema technique I will look at is Tarantino’s from below. Watch the video below for examples of this technique.

    Watching the various clips from Tarantino’s films showed me this a great method that I should use more often in my own films. There were may scenes where I …

  15. @RichBarnes106

    How to Read a Movie


    Siskel & Ebert was a popular film review show from 1975 to 1999. Siskel passed away in 1999 but Roger Ebert continued on in reviewing film and writing articles. In 2008 he wrote an article, How To Read A Movie. I will play the part of Ebert by reviewing his …

  16. @starfirego

    The Moon and Stars


    I thought this Daily Create turned out really well. To create this piece of art  I opened “Gimp” this time though when I opened the program the tools did’t open so I had to go reset them. To do that I went to the very top of tool bar (its …

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