1. fhowell

    Manifesting An Encouraging Etheric Existance


    Hello everyone! I would like to welcome all new subscribers. It has been a long time since I actually sat and wrote something in about a year. I started this Blog as a requirement in my Digital Story Telling class at University of Mary Washington as most of you did …

  2. dradoye

    Following Jesus


    So, this evening was pretty eventful.

    As you know, I am the Large Group Coordinator for InterVarsity at UMW.  This evening one of my good friends, LeLe, and I gave a talk on the Gospel.  We didn’t just articulate the Gospel, we taught others how to have spiritual conversations.  We …

  3. dradoye

    Getting into the PHP of it


    So, today I tried to look around and into the PHP written for the Transcoder. While looking into it I realized that getting a professor who is fluent in PHP help gice some directions would be really helpful. I am stopping by Dr. Zacharskis office on Monday after break to …

  4. dradoye

    First Post


    Today Jim Groom asked me to blog throughout the UMW Media Server project so that he could keep tabs on my progress throughout this semester.…

  5. dradoye

    The First Steps


    This is going to be a long walk.

    I have really started to begin learning more how to listen to God; not myself.

    For so long I have been focused on what I want to do, or what I think should be the next step.  I find that I am …