1. killacarms

    The First of Many


    Lots of work! We’ve done a good amount of setting up for this semester already! Let’s start by talking about our statement of values. This was a very interesting assignment for our class to complete. My table (6) decided to start at the basics and just brainstorm basic adjectives on …

  2. blindside

    Not So Revived Digital Identity


    As the spring semester of 2016 comes to an end, I sit at my computer in the library studying. As I peruse my notes, my books, my texts, my canvas, I realize that one thing has not changed since the beginning of the semester, my digital identity. It might have …

  3. blindside



    For the third module I decided to join the journalism group. I thought that it would be rewarding if I looked into the side of journalism that is more in touch with social media. Journalism has always been something that I wanted to venture into. I took a course my …

  4. blindside

    The Breakdown


    I was very interested in the journalism module, because journalism has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. The reason why it’s so special to me now is simply the fact that  I have entered the field through a selection of ways. One would …

  5. blindside

    Map Quest


    This was probably one of the most fun, but also exhausting projects I have ever done. From the first day it seemed like our group was destined for hardships. All of our screws for tiny and almost all of them were so unique that it was extremely difficult to take …

  6. blindside

    Small Group Communication


    Interestingly enough, I am enrolled in COMM 206: Small Group Communication, this semester. Throughout the development of the current semester we have been studying all of the components essential to small group communication. We have also been evaluating the terms that construct favorable communication. One of the key elements of …

  7. blindside

    Slavery to Modern Technology


    In class, my group was on the opposition side of the argument, which was to stop using technology that was produced through slavery. I personally chimed in with a thought about if it not be technology it be clothes, or toys, or almost anything that we use. From slavery to …

  8. blindside

    Labor Behind the Labor Module


    To be honest, going into Module 2, I had no idea what to expect. My mind was all over the place coming out of the animated GIFs Module and starting over brand new. I scrolled through the Modules page of the Digital Studies webpage and began looking for a new …

  9. blindside

    Explaining Neuromancer


    For the Explaining Neuromancer assignment, my group decided to do a power point presentation that would be a story through gifs. We made a google doc and each made our own gifs in which we tried our best to capture Neuromancer. I made about five or six GIFs that I …

  10. blindside

    Relevance With Today (Neuromancer Response)


    The theme that was the most prevalent to me in Neuromancer was technology and freedom. The thought of cyberspace has a connotation with a space that is wide open and people are free to do whatever they want. I think that the main characters in the novel were using the …

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#tdc1721 Seeing Faces

Look around at your world, and find a representation of a face in ordinary objects.