1. elevatorbingo

    We’re almost there!


    I’m excited to see your group projects today! Show us what the future of storytelling could look like!!!!

    Here are the instructions for your final. They are on Friday at 12 AM!  This is a hard deadline as I am leaving town I will be doing grades on Saturday.

    Borrowing …

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    My Maps


    Here is the link to our custom: MY Maps


  3. elevatorbingo

    Some Things to Check Out


    I hope that everyone had a nice, little vacation. I know that I sure needed the break! We are moving on to interactive video. It is medium that has much possibility and potential in both fiction and non fiction. I’m posting many examples of videos. I also posted an interview …

  4. elevatorbingo

    Week 3 – Can you beleive it


    Just wanted to touch base. Please take the time to look at each others and write at least one review. This should be written on your blog but linked to the persons piece. Also don’t forget to let them know.

    If you don’t have a link yet shoot me an …

York College CT101 (Fall 2013)

This class is being taught by Chloe Smolarski-- "We're riding the DS106 wave for our fifth straight semester here at York College/CUNY, Queens, NY. All art, all love.". See also the class site

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#tdc2164 Household Chore Metaphor

Imagine yourself doing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what you’ve imagined as an extended metaphor for your life.