1. RaymondC95

    Final blog post



    Today is legit my last day of class and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll  be graduating in June  and I’m glad I got a chance to take this class and meet professor Seslow. Learning how to make memes and gifs may prove to be helpful …

  2. Jasmine

    The End Has Come!


                 It’s the Final week of CT101 and it has been a great journey. This class has taught me so much information I will use for my future.  I learned how to create a GIF, Animated photo, a website, and a Zine page. Wow! what an experience. I knew that taking …

  3. fchang

    Are Memes Art?


    What is art?

    According to Merriam-Webster, art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. Many people use memes in a way to express themselves and by definition it is a form of art.

    In my opinion, memes are considered art …

  4. Valerie25

    Memes!!! The new wave of art!


    Are memes art? Hmmm… interesting question, and I’m pretty sure no one has even thought about it either. One might ask what is art. What’s art to some may not be art to others.

    Art is all about expressing yourself in unique ways. They can either start up a conversation …

  5. 10zin




    I love taking pictures, especially of nature. I always get this sense of happiness when I see trees, sun, star, and flowers. We, humans, are always so attached to technology that we forget that we are surrounded by beautiful things. When you are going through tough times, the best …

  6. 10zin

    GIF and MEME


    I’ve been making meme and gif ever since I learned how to. I believe that memes and gifs are fun ways to express yourself. The 3 memes and gif I chose is from a Korean drama called Gu Family Book.

    All college students are stressed due to finals. I just …

  7. 10zin

    DS106 (While You Were Sleeping)


    While looking through the DS106 assignment, I came across one that was really interesting. The prompt of the video was to “Pick a theme and download multiple videos from Youtube that fit the theme. Cut them up and create a compilation video by putting the clips to music”. Right after …

  8. 10zin

    GIF DS106


    I did the animated gif assignment for ds 106 and I chose to do this. The prompt was to “Choose your favorite musician, and then head to Youtube and pick one of their videos to make an animated gif of. Try to use the best quality video possible, preferably HD”. …

  9. Bay1

    Web site edit 2


    On my website I changed my background to a picture of me in the Bahamas with a dolphin,down below. It was my first trip out of the country and i really enjoyed the experience and look forward to many more like it. I’m really enjoying the process of creating a …

  10. Bay1

    Web Site Edit


    so i felt my blog would seem just like my social media if im basically doing the same thing, uploading pictures and videos. So i’ve decided to add my personal touch, my little gifs. I’ve found a way to add audio (song: Poke It Out By Playboi Carti & Nicki …

  11. Mike Rowell

    My Website


    Thanks to this class, I created my own website and now have a digital space to post my random thoughts and class work.  I am a Journalism major and most of my posts will center around various news stories that I am covering and things that I find interesting.  I …

  12. Tenelle

    Do the Right GIF!


    I cant believe I had this amazing GIF of mine abandoned in my Drafts section.

    I was so happy with the outcome of this GIF but, I forgot to post the damn thing! I don’t even remember how I let it go over my head.

    Spike Lee has always been …

  13. jaydam

    What is a fill in?


    A fill-in is the upkeep of nails. Its the same process of putting the acrylic nails on but does not require putting the actual nail on. A feeling is required every 2 weeks unless it is time for a new set of acrylic nails.…

  14. 10zin



    Procrastination is something we all do, especially me. I procrastinate every day regardless of what I am doing and where I am. While doing my essay, I would search ‘how to stop procrastinating’ on Google which shows that I am procrastinating. Since I leave things to do last minute, I …

  15. jaydam

    How do you pick designs?


    When I first started getting my nail done my designs used to come from the internet. The designs were based on things I liked that I saw other people do. Now my designs come straight from my nail technician. He is a really creative and he knows what I like …

  16. jaydam

    Do they make your nails weak?


    It all depends on the person. I would say my nails became stronger. Although recently I’ve had problems with my nails it was because I wasn’t taking care of them. For a while, I used to just get my nails wrapped but then they broke and I started to do …

  17. jaydam

    How often do you get your nails done?


    Acrylic tips take a lot of maintaining. Usually, I get my nails done in two or three weeks. Once the acrylic powder and nails are lifting it is best to go get them redone. Sometimes when you wait too long you risk an infection on your nail beds. If I …

  18. Shayla11514

    Zine Critiquing

    Today in class i critiqued a couple Zine projects from BMCC’s digital class. The favorite one that caught my eye was this one. I caught a sense of connectivity with this specific piece of art work. This Zine made me think about all the connectivity involved in reality today. I…
  19. Shayla11514

    Looking Into My Eye


    I can’t believe this semester is about to come to a complete end. All the work and studying will pay off. From becoming a transfer to a York member my whole view of things changed. I’ve met more mature and successful people who want to further in life more. Many …

  20. jaydam

    Who does your nails?


    I had so many different nail technicians. Sometimes I go to this Instagram famous nail salon BlingBlingNails. Now I go to a nail salon by my house.…

  21. jaydam

    What are acrylic nails?


    Acrylic nails are pretty much fake nails. They are used as nail extensions and are known as fashion accessories. They are made to look like actual nails. If done by the right person people won’t know they are fake.  They are different than regular manicures because they require more of …

York College/CUNY

Todays TDC

#tdc2355 Photograph a cactus or something thats fitting for a Western landscape, and make some symmetry art out of it.

Need inspiration? Have a look through some of Viv’s tree artwork for ideas. (https://flic.kr/s/aHsjNZwBNe) Just make sure there is at least one reflective plane.