1. ibrittwright

    Movie Poster That Matters


    After review the ds106 site, this was one of the flexible assignments that I was interested in challenging myself to create. It is entitled “Movie Posters that Matter.” The idea of the assignment is to modify a movie poster for an issue that means something or provides a launch point …

  2. T.Afrika.W

    Sometimes you see a rainbow in the midst of the rain !


    Our country may be about to crash and burn due to our new Presidential administration. You may be thinking “Dramatic much?” but just look at the news. There’s this, and this and oh, can’t forget about THIS! The entire ‘CNN Politics’ section makes me feel like   But this week …

  3. sadat.rahman

    Digital Storytelling


    This is the one of the assignments I had to do as apart of being in  CT 101 class where every week, assignments are posted I try to complete them in a timely fashioned manner.For this assignment you had to take a music video and mash it with a new …

  4. irshaad1207

    Lessons From A Bad Breakup


    When I was 20, my girlfriend of a few months told me she kissed a guy who she had insisted, for weeks, was only a friend. It wasn’t the first time my heart was broken. And my time with her was short lived in comparison to my relationship before her.……

  5. IPNwabueze

    Making Me Happy Post


    One of the things that I love to do besides watching Stand-up comedy or episodes of Martin’s show, that also makes me happy is watching the behind the scene “The Making” of very great movies. I love this kind of videos because it takes you behind the scene, and shows …

  6. IPNwabueze

    Here Goes another GIF moment


    This is another very inspiring GIF I just made about our Amazing former President During his post-White House vacation after leaving office. Below, we witness the greatest transition of all time. Barack Obama transitioning from Commander-in-Chief of the United States to a Normal Citizen. View post on imgur.com Former President …

  7. IPNwabueze

    My first GIF Post


    YEAH!!!! Excited to create my very first GIF Imgur.com for my Digital StoryTelling class. I was trying to get rid of the Advert image, so i brought the file into Adobe Photoshop and cropped out the Advert. And below is the result of my little experiment. Playing around with one …

  8. TheRil_One

    a Ril Gif


    We’ve all had an a paper that we had ample amount of time to work on and get it done. But instead we procrastinate. We wait till the last possible moment to get it done. But thats where the magic happens. Right before the deadline is where legends are made …

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