1. melharris



    Kno Ya Wrong, Why You Do That For?

    You Seen The Future And Knew What Was In Store..
    Even On Black Friday, You Came And Their Were Nothing Discounted For Your Purchase.
    So I Get It Right, You Take It That It Needs To Happen On Thanksgiving.
    Because You’re Thankful …

  2. jwls

    Here’s my last ct101.us blog post


    Hi CT-101, Last week we all got our website domains. Here’s mine.  Right now it’s just a blog for this class. I’m still thinking of a purpose for the site aside from that though. Lately, I’ve been browsing the different themes & plug-ins the internet has to offer. May make …

  3. krajan

    Finally a own Blog is up!


    Finally I have my own blog post which is at kenitarajan.com  Would like for everyone to check out my website every week because I will be posting 1 or 2 things about something that interest me.  I’m so excited about my own website because it’s mine first my having a …

  4. lennz16

    I Have a Domain Name!!


    Guess Whatttt Yall, I Got my Own Domain Name ? . My Own Website browngirltwopuffs.com I had some trouble at first trying to pick a domain name that represents me. I was torn between melanatedpuffs and browngirltwopuffs & obviously you guys can see which won that fight. As you guys …

  5. Jumpsteve

    UPDATE on the Jumpblog


    I have given it a basic, yet nice, background, and made my first blog post, which explains what the website is about, and the rules of said website. Be sure to check it out: http://jumpmonworld.com/ REMEMBER! Read the rules!…

  6. iriscuascut23

    Hey My Website Is Here!


    So excited to start working on my website. The customization of my page was easy because I used the tutorial on the Ct101 page. The theme will constantly change, so be prepared to see different subjects and themes throughout the year. Heres the link to my website, check it out! …

  7. Auddin

    My Portrait Gif


    So this assignment was a bit challenging since there was a lot of alternation involved. I actually learned a lot while working on this task. I used a different style font for my portrait. For some reason my portrait Gif only works when I open it with Google Crome.  …

  8. lennz16

    Portrait GIF


    So Finally I Got my Portrait Into GIF Formation. It isn’t My Best , But It Includes a Background of My Fave Color (Purple) & My Fave Natural Hair Youtuber Jaelah, so ITS BOMB Enough To Post ?…

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