1. ryanseslow

    CT101 Final Presentations & Final Blog Post Information


    CT101 Final Class Presentations & Final Blog Post Information.

    Please read all of the information below carefully. E-mail me with any questions at Ryan (at) ryanseslow.com or rseslow (at)york.cuny.edu

    **Final Website Presentations : Each student will be presenting their completed website to the class on the date listed below. Students…
  2. neyser19

    YelpCamp v2


    This week I started working on version 2 of the Yelp Camp app. I made the mistake of actually deleting my work of cloud 9 because I was trying to delete a workspace and I accidentally deleted the workspace that held my work. I manage to catch up to speed …

  3. neyser19

    Intro to MongoDB and Mongoose


    I finally reached the part of the tutorials that introduced me into MongoDB and Mongoose. MongoDB is a NoSQL which makes it more flexible and dynamic then a SQL database. This part of the tutorial showed me how to install mongoDB into cloud 9, how to get it running and …

  4. neyser19

    YelpCamp V1


    I finally started working on the YelpCamp part of the tutorials. This is the first time I’m creating a working app with a database so I’m very excited to see what new things I’ll from this. In this app the user will be able to search campgrounds that are listed …

  5. Auddin

    Finally Got my Vapor Wave


    After so much struggle trying to make a vapor wave, I was finally able to create one using newhive. I knew most of the process into making a gif but I was struggling to create a vapor wave gif using these amazing and colorful backgrounds. Newhive was a great help …

  6. Jumpsteve

    How to make a Login/Register for your website


    It is very simple.

    When you log into your WordPress account on your website, go to your dashboards. go to the “Plugins” tab Choose “Add New” On the search bar, type in “login” and choose “Theme My Login” Install and activate the plugin

    Now lets add the login/register to your …

  7. neyser19

    First Express App – 1 95


    This is the way I did the App for the express exercise.

    var express = require("express"); var app = express(); app.get("/", function(req, res){ res.send("Hello, welcome to my assignment!"); }); app.get("/speak/:animalname", function(req, res){ var animal = req.params.animalname; var sound = sounds(); function sounds(){ if (animal === "pig"){ sound = "'Oink'"; }…
  8. neyser19



    185 Echo Exercise:

    function echo (str, num){ for(var i = 0; i <= num; i++){ console.log(str); } } echo("Echo!!!", 10) echo("Tater Tots", 3)

    For this exercise I did manage to complete it without have to look at the answer portion of the video. Though his code was different from mine …

  9. neyser19

    To-Do List


    I manage to watch all the tutorials and understand the way the shortcuts that were used in jQuery. Its really awesome to use for the shortcuts but the videos also helped understand why it’s not being used as much anymore. But here’s my to-do list.

    To-do List


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Imagine yourself doing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what you’ve imagined as an extended metaphor for your life.