1. vandaaGUNZ

    be happy today, it’s FRIDAYYY


    Today is FRIDAYYYYYY!!! Tomorrow is no school I’m so excited to see what the weekends brings! I hope the weather for the weekend isn’t too cold because I want to go out and dress nice. I’m also excited about Friday’s because its PAYDAYYY!! Usually for me Friday’s actually be a …

  2. IPNwabueze

    My Website Development


    Today was really an amazing day in class. I was able to learn a few more things about WordPress and how to add more contents to my website. Today, I learned how to add Menus to my website www.IkemefunaNwabueze.com, and also categories too. The next thing I am planning to …

  3. vandaaGUNZ



    In class we had to create out own website. The first thing we had to do is come up with a domain name. Ryan always told us that our domain name should be something meaningful. So I came with the domain name of vandaaGUNZ.net. I always called myself Vandaa Gunz …

  4. fhaniff22

    My Bucket List


    I haven’t been getting around to uploading post as quickly as I thought I would so I’m a little behind with the work for this class. I am planning on getting caught up on everything though. Here’s one of my DS 106 assignments, my bucket list. My bucket list is …

  5. Seana Mai

    How to Add Hyperlink to WP Posts!


    So I’ve been sick as a dog this past week and have barely gotten out of bed. I finally was updating myself with our class calendar and now am ready to catch up where I left off. I am already moderately familiar with WP and it’s various functions thanks to …

  6. amahmood

    Get out the theater.


    Everyone is talking about how good Get out was. Only problem is where was my invite to go see it? View post on imgur.com #AnimatedGIFAssignments #AnimatedGIFAssignments1976…

  7. amahmood

    Favorite stories..not!


    When you’re having a bad morning and are running late for school so you rush everything. The second you get outside in a t-shirt only to realize it is 10 degrees. You decide to call a uber so you don’t freeze to death waiting for the bus. When the uber …

  8. amahmood

    Mission #1


      View post on imgur.com Famous secret agents, not so famous quotes! #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments2060…

  9. lifeasjani

    90’s and 2000’s: Supercut Bliss!


    In Week’s 5 class, we learned how to edit a video in the lens of a supercut, which is remixing several clips together. I have done this before for other classes, but this was my first time using iMovie. At first, it was very confusing but with persistence i was …

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