1. neyser19

    Adding Authentication to YelpCamp


    This week I worked on adding authentication to the YelpCamp app I was building through the bootcamp tutorials. I used the npms express-session, passport, passport-local, and passport-local-mongoose. The first I did was call the npms and configure passport so that it ran properly on the app. This included making the …

  2. mikeplamo

    Memes are ART


    Through using photoshop, I created these memes with what I found comical to me and what I was into…

    Just like the young Olympic gold winner snowboarder, Chloe Kim!

    And another from an anime I watched, K-On!

  3. Tatiana.R



    I never really thought about memes being art but now looking into it an being able to create my first meme. It definitely is a way to express feelings or thought. I would definitely say memes and even gifs are still a form of art.

  4. Tatiana.R

    Project Ideas


    While looking into the DS106 site one of the assignments I found interesting is a 2-3 minute clip of your favorite actor mashed together. From their earliest movies to some more recent movies. You would have to explain why you choose this actor, and how they have developed over the …

  5. alisa.smith

    Meme & Her.


    Memes have become a popular way to express different emotions. They are usually made to make people laugh. In my Digital Storytelling class, I learned how to create my own meme. There are plenty of meme generators that can be used to create your own but I learned how to …

  6. folatunde

    Are Memes Art ?


    Are Memes Art?

    That’s a very good question. Here’s what I think. Art is a form of expression. You have people who sing, dance, draw and write. All those things are a form of expression. So, is Memes Art? Yes, Memes is art. People use memes to express themselves all …

  7. Jasmine

    It’s a Millennial thing to do


    As a millennial, we all use social media. One of the biggest things we use are memes. Many people use memes to express how they are feeling or how someone else feels. Some people use memes to talk about something funny. These memes are created by everyday individuals, using cartoons, …

  8. annak

    Memes memes memes!


    Memes are a way anyone can express their inner creative side which is our right side of our brain. That is one of the things I kept in my head in my linguistics course last semester [I highly recommend this class by the way :)].. let me not get out …

  9. neyser19

    First assignment with React


    In the last few days I’ve been learning how to use react and finally got through some of the basics. After going through some of the basics I had to do a small assignment.

    The instructions were:

    Create TWO new components: UserInput and UserOutput UserInput should hold an input element,…
  10. tammyk1

    Memes are Definitely An Art


    Today i discovered how to create a meme and my first ever experience was so awesome. I always wondered how to create one and now I know how! Memes are 100% an art. Its so cool to create and visualize other experiences and relate to them as well. Below are …

  11. anavasquez

    Why I love the Internet

    Google: endless options at my fingertips I live in the era of the internet and smart phones and advancing technology. I literally have the world at the tip of my fingers and anything/everything I want to know I can just Google it. I love the internet and all the things…
  12. Mike Rowell

    My First Gif!!!


    So I was out of class for week 2, but something as small as an absence isn’t going to stop me from working hard ;-)! I created my first gif below!  I chose one of my favorite YouTube personalities: DashieXP!  The text at the bottom was created in-video by Dashie, …

  13. Nburi

    What Makes Me Happy


    This is what makes me happy when ever I’m having a bad day I love to watch videos of puppies and kitties just makes life so much better. My all time favorite breed of dog are corgis.

    This is how I feel about CT class. I’m very excited to learn …

  14. fchang

    Creating Gifs


    I’ve always wanted to create a gif, but believed it was going to be a complicated process. During this week, we learned to make gifs using Youtube and Giphy. It was a lot easier than expected as the process was simple and straightforward. Here are some gifs I created:…

  15. ffrimpong

    Things That Make Me Happy


    This is how I feel walking into CT101. A time to relax and learn something cool each class. Oh… And baseball is around the corner. Home runs and nice weather? I’ll take it!


    Did someone say more home runs ?…

  16. fchang

    What Makes Me Happy


    On February 7th, 2018 Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket with a Tesla Roadster. It makes me happy as it made me realize what humanity can accomplish when they set goals and work together to achieve them. It is an important event as it shows the rapid …

  17. ffrimpong

    MY First GIF


    My First GIF. Never knew it was this easy. Knick fans, like myself, will have to suffer from seeing this for years. Who else had the same reaction as the guy in the corner?…

  18. 10zin

    My First Gif post


    I am really looking forward to learning new things in this class and using it to make people happy. Well, this was my reactions…

    When I first walked into the class and didn’t know what to do or what to expect.

    View post on imgur.com

    After learning how easy it …

  19. Tenelle

    GIFs to Smiles


    Before the start of the semester, reading the course description for CT 101 Digital Storytelling really got my attention.  I was so excited to expect the unexpected and ready to get into a whole new world of Technology.  So, the first day of class I was ready to walk in …

  20. kickrockz

    “Keeping my Sanity” with Kevelyn Vargas


    Kevelyn Vargas

    “Everything im not made me everything i am” – Kanye West

    IG- @bykevelyn

    Queens, NY

    What is Art to you?

    Art is my way of keeping my sanity because theirs no rules. That’s what’s dope about knowing the difference between design and art. I can do whatever I…
  21. 10zin

    What Makes Me Happy On The Internet



    There are many things that make me happy on the Internet and one of them is watching videos on YouTube. I can always count on YouTube to make me happy, sad, and excited. I especially love watching my favorite K-pop idols perform. I can watch the same videos of …

  22. MassielPerez

    All About Memes


    Memes are so IMPORTANT! I probably use them more than I even need to.

    There is a meme for any and every situation. Sometimes, I find memes and I’m like “Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who did this!!” but then I see so many people …

  23. Shayla11514

    GIFS Of My Life


    At first I pretty much thought that making GIFS was so hard, because i could not get the hang of taking URL’s and converting it into other forms of pictures and videos . So this GIF I created speaks to me and how I felt trying to create my very …

  24. s.maximin

    Are Memes Art ?


    Are Memes Art ? Let See……

    Memes are art ! Why you may ask ? Because art is the ability to take something and be creative with it and make it your own.

    Now look at this I took a picture from one of my favorite movies and added words …

  25. s.maximin

    Highlights From My First GIFs !!!!


    Highlights !!!

    Creating some of my first GIF ever was pretty exciting. One highlight was that I was able to learn how to make it move when I post it. Even though I did not get it on my first try the fact that I was able to learn from …

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