1. Tenelle


    This DS106 Assignment was pretty cool.  The assignment tells you to create your own spin on a propaganda poster for DS106-ers to influence or inspire them.  The message that I wanted to portray is that if your passion is in graphic design or creative arts then you should stick to…
  2. Mike Rowell

    Propaganda Poster


    So this week, we were tasked with editing an old propaganda poster and putting our own spin on it – much harder than it sounds, trust me.   I selected one from WWII and decided to motivate my fellow Cardinals to stay strong and dedicated as we come close to the …

  3. 10zin

    Worrying about Tomorrow, Today


    There is a song that I’ve been listening to everyday for 8 months now. The name of the song is called “Tomorrow, Today” by JJ Project. I listen to it every day because the lyrics is very relatable and it comforts me.  The first time I listened to …

  4. 10zin

    Gift of Nature


    “Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending. Let this morning be a new beginning to a better relationship and a new ending to the bad memories. Its an opportunity to enjoy life, breathe freely, think and love. Be grateful for this beautiful day” by Norton Juster.…

  5. ryanseslow

    Share your Website URL!


    Here we are 3 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion!

    Its time to share your website’s URL here! Simply leave a comment below with your website address …

  6. RaymondC95

    Copyright Issue


    This video shows a copyright issue between Lebron James and Alabama’s football coach when Lebron sent a letter asking for conversation before proceeding to legal procedures. Basically Lebron has a show call “UNINTERRUPTED” which is just him having barbershop talk. Alabama’s coach recently started a show called “shop talk” which …

  7. jaydam

    Web Writing in Different Forms


    There are many news stories and major news websites. To make or create a unique news story you have to be different from others. Many of the unique websites or stories have things in common. The similarities could be the technology, web design and topics of the stories.

    SX Salon…
  8. Ikeybando

    My Sweet GIF Dream

    For my project I wanted to do something fun and challenging as well. I went through the repertoire of things that I could possibly do and I found that most of them were boring. I have found my fairytale projects though ( without a partner because clearly I’m super LATE…
  9. Ikeybando

    Art ?! : My view on meme art


    Memes would be considered art because any way that a person seeks to express themselves is a form of art. With art taking on so many different forms like, music, dance, visual art, or art by way of painting it renders that any way you express yourself as art.

    Many …

  10. Ikeybando

    My First GIF !!!!


    I MADE MY FIRST GIFFFFFFF !!!!! Honestly I thought that I had to work really hard to make a GIF. But low and behold Creation ….

    I plan on making many more to add to my own website and to help out my other areas of influence like my personal …

  11. Ikeybando

    It’s Late But Still HAPPY


    The best piece of the internet that I have found is Youtube! As  dancer and singer when yo want to relive moments with your favorite artist, you have the opportunity to because within 2 minutes or less the performance or moment you just lived is now forever available. You even …

  12. hartleym86

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Tech blog

    With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ it has been a solid improvement over the previous installment with improvements to display, camera, and overall performance. It’s safe to say that it is the best Galaxy S series yet. However, with the release there has been some issues…
  13. ryanseslow

    CT101 Students GIF the Portrait – March 2018


    York College CT101 Students GIF the Portrait – March 2018

    CT101 Digital Storytelling students rocked a series of digital portrait manipulations learning the ins and outs of image manipulations with Adobe photoshop. Many of the students are first time users of photoshop. What better way to experiment with something new …

  14. JustAdvocate72

    Individualism vs.Ubuntu



    Ubuntu- “I am what I am because of who we all are” Individualism a Anglo-Saxon, American, value, championed by many individuals, is not married to the experiences of actual achievement of goals. Individuals seldom accomplishes their hopes, dreams, and goals without the prior sacrifices, efforts, or contributions of someone…
  15. jaydam

    State of Emergency

    Governor Cuomo Visits Housing Complex

    In recent media, Governor Andrew Cuomo went on a tour of a housing complex in East Harlem. The housing complex is apart of New York City Housing Authority. The complex is Taft Houses. The tour of the NYCHA complex comes after many NYCHA residents filed …

  16. folatunde

    The Girl on the Train (Week 6)


    There once was a girl on the train. She had headphones on, jamming to some  music. The girl begins to close her eyes and in that split second she enter this virtual world. She got out of her sit while on the train mine you she is in a virtual …

  17. folatunde

    Someone Who Inspires Me (Dsl06Assignment)


    When it comes to people who inspire me there are many people who take the cake. However my mom is someone who inspires me the most and I am not just saying this cause she is my mom. My mom is someone I look up too. She has been through …

  18. folatunde

    Throwback TV Shows GIF (Ds106Assignment)


    From ds106Assignments I decided to choose from the GIF menu. The          assignment was to make a GIF of your favorite TV shows. I chose my favorite TV shows from my childhood. Each show has a meaning to me. Growing up I was a very huge fan of Disney. I made …

  19. Valerie25

    Beauty Will Surround You


    I chose to do a writing assignment from DS106. Who would have known that a fortune cookie could give you that creative burst you need to come up with a short story.

    My fortune cookie said: “Beauty will surround you”. At first it took me a while to come up …

  20. Valerie25

    The struggles of having to catch up


    Due to not being able to do anything on time, I now have to catch up on all the work that I’ve missed. Although this class is fun and interesting, my mind is currently frying.

    But once I’m all caught up with everything, I’ll go back to having a clear …

  21. Valerie25

    because I’m HAPPPYY!!!


    So this is my first time posting due to unforeseen circumstances.. BUT, I wanted to show what makes me happy and that is…. *DrumRolls*


    Yes sleeping is the key for me to be my happiest.

    That and of course…. *another drumroll*


    Without these two things I’m just a …

  22. Mike Rowell

    Calamity (Character post)


    BLAM!!! This is “Calamity.”


    She’s a fierce and horrible person, yet I can’t seem to escape her.  She makes her place in my life well known, as I am a known klutz.  Any accidents that happen?  Calamity.  Any random weird event that somehow ends in minor bodily injury?  Yup, …

  23. jaydam

    New Blog Idea


    Next major post that I will be writing is will be about one of these:

    Governor Cuomo announced a state of emergency for New York City Public Housing The start of the jury selection for the “Brooklyn Butcher” who stabbed two children in the elevator killing one. Driver who hit…
  24. perkins

    “Big Brother”


    Meet David Gutman, although everybody calls him big Jim.

    “And before you ask, no he’s not Italian.”

    However, big Jim does work in private security. Big Jim loves his job, protecting people from harm is something he’s always done since childhood. He always kept a watchful eye out for his …

  25. Nikeeta

    Animated Gif


    I missed last class, which was definitely  a set back. I plan to be present from here on. I admit when I first read the assignment I was kind of lost. But some of the kind classmates left a roadmap on how to execute this project. I came early this …

  26. AngelWAguirre

    Characters Communicating Through Blogging


    These two characters represent the two sides of the sneaker culture. The people who are in it for the appreciation, and the people who are in it for the business. Both characters communicate through social media going back and forth under sneaker blog post or on Facebook about where sneakerculture …

  27. Shayla11514

    A Day In The LIfe Of A PPG


    Who are the PP Girls you see here? Well these are the almighty Power Puff Girls of New York City. They’ve come to abolish all crime known to man. From high to low they don’t care where the evil villains go.

    See you have Power Puff Blossom, the head of …

  28. AngelWAguirre

    First Photoshop Gif


    This is my first time creating a gif from scratch using photoshop. This process was very confusing at first because I am not use to photoshop and how to use it correctly. However, once I began to familiarize myself with the tools included in photoshop, it was fun to figure …

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