Course Calendar, Summer 2011

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Course Calendar, Summer 2011

The calendar is still being fleshed out with particulars, what you see below is simply a skeleton of what's to come. An amazing skeleton, but a skeleton nonetheless :)

Week 1: Intro & Visual/Design

  • Mon June 20th: Introduction (square away lingering web host/tech issues)
    • View assignment here.
  • Tue June 21st: Gardner Campbell's "Personal Cyberinfrastructure" and Michael Wesch's "From Knowledge to Knowledge(able)" (video)
  • Wed June 22nd: Daily Shoot and Visual/Design Assignment
  • Thu June 23rd: Visual/Design Assignment

Week 2: Design and Audio

  • Mon June 27th: Visual/Design Assignment
  • Tue June 28th: Intro to Audacity and SoundCloud
  • Wed June 29th: Creating Sound Effects
  • Thu June 30th: Sound Effects Story

Week 3: Audio and Web Storytelling

  • Mon July 4th: Holiday
  • Tue July 5th: Workshopping/Virtual Lab
  • Wed July 6th: Audio: Live Radio Show
  • Thu July 7th: Web Storytelling

Week 4: Video

  • Mon July 11th: Codecs, Formats, Compression, and other Nightmares
  • Tue July 12th: Video Editing
  • Wed July 13th: Workshopping/Virtual Lab
  • Thu July 14th: Video Essay

Week 5: Mashup and Fan Fiction

  • Mon July 18th: SyncTube Session (Mashup Showdown)
  • Tue July 19th: Mashup Assignment
  • Wed July 20th: Fandoms
  • Thu July 21st: Fan Fiction Assignment

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