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The Numbers

The ds106 flow includes syndicated 80392 distributed blog posts created by our participants since December 2010 when Jim Groom blogged the idea of ds106 as an open and online experiment.

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Assignment Bank

Explore more than 400 800 media assignments created for and by members of ds106. Try one at random or add your own.

The Daily Create

Each day you get a new creative challenge in photo, drawing, audio, video, or writing form, that you can do in 20 minutes or less. Every day since January 8, 2012. Want a taste? Try one at random.

ds106 Radio

Our own open free form internet-based radio station, broadcasting shared music, recordings, cross casts from other stations, as well as live broadcasts from community members. Learn how to tune in and how to grab the mic.

Remix Machine

And now for something completely different! Interpret a random remix of the ds106 assignments. Make a new twist on an existing ds106 assignment.


The best of ds106! A site designed by ds106 students to showcase the works of others. Nominate anyone’s creations in ds106 that inspires you or explore it to become inspired.

DS106 Never Parked

DS106 just keeps going and going… See where it’s been before.

They’re Here… The Open ds106 Course

ds106 poster by Jim Groom

ds106 poster by Jim Groom

Random Sampling the Past ds106 Flow

  1. 64 synth

    Synthesize gentle electronic waves.  Congruencey verified.  /play commodore64synth.     Chiptunes are still in style.  As a ringtone, you must demand attention, give a sense of urgency.  So I copy and pasted the bit four times and sped each successive segment up 10%. At this point, I feel comortable with using audacity.  For this coming week, ...
  2. tWo TDC’s

    --Originally published at ds106

    The two Daily Creates that I have done relate to this week. How you may ask? For tdc519, this involved using YouTube. I had to record myself doing the Macarena, using a different song! this made me start getting familiar with YouTube and the whole using the web camera that …

  3. Website Manipulation

    So this week we had to choose a website and change it to tell a story. I chose ebay.  Now if you’ve read all the Harry Potter books or at least seen the films you might see where I’m going with this. If you remember the sixth and seventh books, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, ...
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