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iPad Not Bad. iPad Good.

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So for my birthday a couple of weeks ago I asked for (begged for and prepped my wife for for a long time and then went and picked out myself) an iPad. I’m not sure if it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but it’s pretty close. I can’t exactly say I know the space it holds – right now I’ve been using it mainly as a to-do list with Things, which is strangely useful. I’m not sure why it’s so useful. But I enjoy adding items and getting them done with it, on the rare occasion that happens, so they’ve done something right. I usually hate that crap.

I don’t use the iPad as much as I could because I feel like I’m trying to show off with it in a tool-esque way. I’m not. I’d just prefer to use it.  I’d prefer that everyone had one, so we could compare notes and I wouldn’t feel sheepish about it. I feel like a walking commercial. So I kind of hide it on the bus or try to make it look like I’m reading. I should really carve out a big engineering textbook and drop it inside and no one would be the wiser, except that I’d keep touching the pages, but honestly, on the bus, this would not stand out. And at this point I would like to THANK Citybus for all their wonderful work.

Does it feel a specific need – does it Match Something In My Life That Was Missing? Because this is the implicit rule to purchase anything besides eggs – you must have a Reason – because really, when it comes down to it, it’s REALLY key that you have the 360 or the big screen TV. The 360 is for Unwinding or Stress Relief. That almost makes it a work-related purchase, really. The TV is Needed for Seeing Detail. Because we couldn’t see as well on the smaller version, 36 inches, you can’t quite make out the words on screen. Or people’s faces. We are now both fan and dermatologist for our celebs.

Yeah, I guess I’m working out the feelings. Work it out, Hans. Thanks, buddy.

Honestly I can’t find a real useful need for it. It does things when you press the screen and it’s pretty. That’s pretty much it. Maybe it’ll come. But it’s fun as anything. Way for fun than I expected. I like playing around with it. Don’t worry, I have the work justifications all smoothed out – 1) Not many in my group (ie no one yet) has one, so if a faculty member wants to start using one or use them in their classes, I might be able to help (because navigating on these things, I mean, it can be rough. It took my 2-year old a couple of tries). 2) It’s for the bus rides. Because of the lack of books in my backpack (2), my house (a gazillion), or the world (a bajillion). 3) It’s to keep the kids entertained on trips because they shouldn’t have to read or color or play or watch DVDs on a miniature player we already have for sedative purposes.

So the reasoning, it’s far from Useful or Guilt or whatever but there it is. I still feel guilty about the iPhone, but with the iPad, not a bit. I just want to hug it and take it to bed and cuddle up with it. Not reading it, just holding it pressed to my chest. When I see it in the morning I’m just happy to see it there and I want to talk to it and let it know it’s loved. That’s a healthy relationship, usually. When it’s not a piece of metal and glass. But such PRETTY glass.

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