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I’m with Jim (and D’arcy and CogDog and Brian and lots more)

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Unlike D’arcy’s and CogDog’s admissions about being OCDO’s (Open Course Drop Outs), I am an OPNER (Open Course Never Even Registerer). I have been lurking and learning from Jim Groom (and the rest of these guys) for a while now. I did have the pleasure of being in Reverend Jim’s “choir” at the Instructional Technology Council 2010 eLearning Conference earlier this year.

After reading about the new open version of Jim’s Digital Storytelling course (first began as an UMW course here), I thought – why not give it a shot and change my OPNER status for once?

So, while they have the goal to finish the course, I had the dual goals of:

  1. actually signing up for the course
  2. finishing the course

I seem to have completed Goal # 1…and there was much rejoicing.

We’ll see how the rest of it progresses. Stay tuned….and come join us!!

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