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Jim Groom’s Edupunk Digital Storytelling Class

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It’s been a while since I posted; due to projects, school work and other things; but I break my silence to bring this message, there’s plenty of posting to come via Jim Groom’s Open Online Digital Storytelling Course. I’m going to try to help get it up and running as one of several who have come running at Jim’s request for people who want to help run/develop the open online version of the course he’s teaching in person.

As a game designer, digital storytelling is a primary part of my career direction. Audio, visual, graphical, textual, contextual and many more forms are all part of games. Games are even listed in the course syllabus and the Wikipedia page for digital storytelling.

Out of the different things that Jim requested help with, I’m planning to focus on assignment ideas. Mini-games, levels and quests are all like assignments, so I’m going to see what kind of cray ideas I can come up with for Jim’s course, and I know he’s okay with a little cray. He IS the Edupunk after all.

Honestly, it sounds like a fun group to work with. I think it will be interesting working with a bunch of these people Jim knows, and to see how it affects my game design ideas for educational games.

Have fun, spread the word and tell me what you think,
Igen Oukan

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