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First animated GIFs

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Here’s a first stab at an animated gif for DS106. I used to Mac The Ripper to extract the first chapter of Chinatown and then used MPEG Streamclip to select my clip and export it as an .mp4. I then used to create the gif. Since it was tiny, I resized it using the advanced resize tool There’s a handy link right on the gifninja homepage.

The problem is that the end result was a HUGE file — about 4.2MBs — whose quality isn’t all that great and which doesn’t seem to work all that well. I’m going to have to explore other possibilities when I have more time, including extracting several frames from the gifninja output file as Jabiz did, but this is fine for now. Here’s the original as well as two other tries, which I output at 100% quality in MPEG Streamclip.

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