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Cooking Spam Stories

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No one (admits) liking spam, the electronic kind nor the meat food product… well there are fans of the latter, more than the former.

Instead of just complaining I seek to make use of the stuff. For a while I was trying to pull bits out and tweet them under the secret name of @spamstories

But like most of my meme efforts, it died a quiet lonely death.

I began thinking of spam again in light of ds106

What can we do with all the stuff?

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So I began thinking with today’s spam gem:

My name is Captain Matthew Stamford of the US Marine corps stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan,

I found some money stashed in a couple of barrels while on patrol ($2,000,000.00) I need someone to help me move it to a safer place,

please have it in mind that there is no danger involved. You may contact me on so that I can provide you with details

If you have been living in a cave, anytime someone you dont know asks your help to move a booty of money out of a far away land, it is spam. But of course, enough sad fools send Captian Matthew their contact info, which leads to social engineering, which leads to some smuck wondering where his bank account balance went.


But let’s go back to that fanciful email. What if, as a character building exercise, we did the back story?

Who is Captain Matthew Stamford? What is he doing in Kabul? Who put the money in the barrel? Where did the money come from? What happens when the people who put the money in the barrel come back and look for it?

How might you tell the tale? Is this a five card flickr things? an Xtranormal goofy tale?

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Well, what would YOU make from spam?

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