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Digital Storytelling With The Bava

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It is with great anticipation that I sign up, just in the knick of time, for Jim Groom’s open, online, incarnation of his digital storytelling course, ds106. I hope I have the stamina to keep up. 

The title of this blog is “a gross salute to the fantastic possibilities of the internet”, but the truth is that I have not been feeling the fantastic possibilities over the last month. I think Jim’s course might be the mojo infusion I am looking for. 

I have paid attention as he led the course last semester in a face to face mode and it looked like a kick-ass experience for all involved. As always I approach this kind of large open online course as an opportunity to learn, but also I approach it on a meta-level to further explore the notion of open courses. It is great to see a place where online ed just doesn’t mean a bunch of materials thrown on line but instead a community of people gathering together to create something new. 

I am ready to practice internet beauty.

To get in the mood, I’ll repost this here little video from Evan Roth:



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