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DS106 Assignment1

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So I saw multiple posts from my PLN about a MOOC on Digital Storytelling. I figured what a better way to try an open online course and have a creative outlet. So here is my first assignment. It is an iMovie template for a specific reason even though it isn’t real creative.

The reason I used the iMovie template was because although I like doing most of my stuff in Final Cut Pro I have been wanting to play with the new iMovie and the trailer templates. All I had at home tonight was the photos from my trip to Brazil in November since I haven’t gotten the video back from my dad.

So my first attempt was to use the still photos in the iMovie trailer template. Unfortunately it does not appear that you can use anything but video in the templates so I had to scrap that idea.

My second attempt was to use TubeChop to take parts of some YouTube videos and use them in the template. I just heard about TubeChop and wanted to try it out. While it is very cool and I am looking forward to showing it to my teachers, there doesn’t seem to be a way to download the chopped video or MacTube it, only share it as a URL or through embed code. So once again I had to scrap that idea.

Then I started MacTubing an Amazon video from YouTube and some Brad Pitt to use as myself but I couldn’t make myself do that since it was so cheesy (not sure why I thought I was above it tonight). I also decided I didn’t want to use any copyrighted video so I scrapped that idea.

So then I realized I could make a video from the still photos. So I took them into iMovie and did a simple video of the stills out from there. Then I inputted the finished video back into iMovie and used the Adventure template to make the finished video. Then I shared the video to YouTube from iMovie which was remarkably simple.

So while the finished video wasn’t overly creative, I did learn quite a bit tonight about some different processes that I can share with my faculty and students so it was successful. More importantly I got to spend the evening making something fun thanks to DS106. I’m looking forward to the next several weeks on the journey of storytelling.

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