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Gardner Campbell is Pretty Damn Eloquent

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Where will the next step take us?

Because it was necessary. The remixes of that presentation were amazing.

This is my response to “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” by Gardner Campbell. Moreover, it’s a response to his presentation on the same subject and two of the other responses to it. If you haven’t heard Tom Woodwar’s remix of the presentation and Grant Potter’s remix of the remix, you should totally go there RIGHT NOW.

The bag of gold thing seemed to be a theme, so I went with it after my take on the article and presentation.

When I think of the internet, it often puts me in awe of how massive and interconnected things can get. I wasn’t using the internet before it got to this point of interactivity and when I was reminded of how things were during the digital facelift, I felt a little like a test subject. That feeling was perpetuated by the knowledge that the digital storytelling class I’m enrolled in is also part of the experimentation.

Errr… does this mean I’ll get internet cancer thirty years from now? (what would internet cancer manifest itself as? Will my online persona become riddled with tumors and have to undergo web-chemo?)

Bah, at least I’ll be able to say that the ride was worth it.

I digress. As I mentioned in my first post on this blog, I love the idea of the interplay between audience and performer. On the internet, everyone (including the audience) is the performer. The changing form of the presentation as it goes through the stages of remixing (there are at least three that I know of), the mutation of memes, the responses and conversations and connections all forged in the fires of the digital universe…

Who’d have thought that we would have ever gotten to this point? Congratulations. You’ve created something great, powerful, terrible, and beautiful and unleashed it. And we found a bag of gold.

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