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Behind The Scenes: Autotuning Gardner Campbell

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Here’s the first of what I imagine will be a series of posts about process.

1. Grab Tom Woodward’s remix, import into Audacity, and trim the three seconds from the end that I wanted.

2.  Slow down Gardner’s rapid fire delivery with the change tempo effect. Since I want it to be longer, the tempo change is -25%

3. I find autotune sounds better on higher frequencies.  Have you ever heard Barry White autotuned?  So, I used the Change pitch effect to raise the pitch by 4 semitones.

4. Finally I applied the GSnap plugin to do the autotuning. There is also autotalent, which is open source, and has a Windows version, but the controls are more detailed, it was already nearly midnight, and I was too tired to spend an hour or two experimenting.   I chose very extreme settings with lots of vibrato (72 cents and 7.2 Hz- that’s warbling more than a half step more than seven times a second) and lots of pitch bend.

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