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DS106: Introduction

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I’m a photographer. I’m much more than that, but man, do I love photography. I got my cool gear and have a day job that let’s me shoot lots of things.

1101 NoPantsAZ_143

Well, my day job does NOT let me shoot this sort of thing, but my social world includes cool characters, like this guy.

1101 NoPantsAZ_151

ImprovAZ is a local improv group here in Arizona, and Jeff Moriarty runs the show. He’s a wild, goofy guy who at times is very happy.

1101 NoPantsAZ_161

I’m not the biggest joiner (I prefer to keep my pants on) but I love local culture; I photograph concerts, festivals, sports, etc… around Chandler & Tempe. I teach locally and my 5 year old daughter’s proud of, me, her daddy.


Note: I am enrolled in an online course called Digital Storytelling through the University of Washington & Mary. Here’s the course link.

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