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Bags of Gold

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Here is the second assignment for #ds106:

Read Gardner Campbell’s short article titled “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.” Additionally, you will need watch Professor Campbell’s presentation on the topic at the 2009 Open Education Conference called “No More Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences.”

I read the article, watched the talk, even listened to Tom Woodward’s Remix of the talk. I took notes on Gardener’s thoughts and let them stew. I thought of writing a traditional intellectual response, which I felt would most likely be profound and moving would be lost in the shuffle of echo chamber noise. One aspect of this course is figuring out to have one’s work and subsequently voice heard over the din of vying ideas.

We are after all telling stories, and no story teller that I know, likes to tell stories to an empty room. So the medium becomes the message. How we share our ideas and stories, become just as important as whatever it is we are trying to say. I didn’t feel a traditional blog post, offering my thoughts on the talk or article would be worthwhile.

As I stared at my notes, I started to notice the non-vital words floating from the page. I began to cut and paste and move text like a demented scientist searching for the essence of his message. What was left, was the barefooted thin poem you see below. I then did a search for CC images tagged as gold on Flickr d created this collage to accompany my piece.

images by lukesaagi, Swiv, guillaumeo, Ko_An, Auntie P

bags of gold

vulnerabilities are fine.
that is where learning happens.
a sense of wonder:
strange correspondences and grand harmonies:
bags of gold.

import and export,
internal and external,
information and connections.
awaken self-efficacy and creative possibilities.

build: digital presences
in the web itself

looping back
to vital ideas
ideas into
a new context.

modes of communication
make them audible.

the real revolution won’t happen until each student builds
an ingenious experiment.
technology gradually creates a totally new human
not passive wrappings but active processes.

vision goes beyond
what can be imagined and expressed:
bags of gold.

I am looking forward to seeing what form these words will take next…


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