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experiment with the internet in a way that would allow creativity

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I have always considered my self proficient in the internet.  Of course, I could use Facebook, write a blog, search Google, watch Youtube, etc.  But, now I am realizing that I am not proficient at all.  My education has prepared me very little to experiment with the internet in a way that would allow me creativity.  My professors have only pushed BlackBoard and blogs, but they have never really asked us to create entirely new websites and ideas.  Even my journalism classes have not sought to prepare me for the experimentation and launch of new journalism models.  Instead, we seem to be stuck in a place where online creativity is halted by current structures.

Testimony from a UMW undergrad. Increasing I am coming to the conclusion that the heart of this personal cyberinfrastructure talk is to not allow oneself to be limited by the models that others have created.

What I wonder is if the simplicity and versatility of a blog enough of a flexible platform to enable most people to forge their own path, or does it cut deeper to something more elemental.


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