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I’m Like So Blonde: The Origin Story

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A 30 second story (give or take)

It all started when I called my best friend Aitak to ask her  what should be the name of my website.

Me: Aitak, I need a name for my website I’m creating for my computer class.

Aitak: Okay….

Me: I was thinking of doing something like my username for the class.: “Cali4beach” But no one is going to want to type “4? so it would be like “califorbeach” which might look a little weird.

Aitak: Yeah its sounds like you are a blonde who can’t spell “California” right.

Me: **laughs** Hey! I’m not THAT blonde!

Aitak: Yes, you are Sweetie. You are so blonde, accept it.

Me: **in my best valley girl accent** Yeah, I’m like so blonde. Like totally, for realz!

Aitak: **laughs** That should be your website name: I’m Like So Hey, it even rhymes!

Thus, the name for my website was created. Best thirty* second conversation ever

(*the laughter probably caused it to last longer, but we’ll forget about that)

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