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“system administrators for their own digital lives.”

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Jim Groom is credited with this idea in an article about “Personal Cyberinfrastructure” by Gardner Campbell. Given that I have many online personas, and only I know them all and am able to update and create within them, I have to say that thinking about myself as a sys admin resonated with me quite strongly.

What troubles me is now is coming to grips with a closing statement of Campbell’s.

“To build a cyberinfrastructure that scales without stiflling innovation, that is self-supporting without being isolated or fatally idiosyncratic…”

I am now wondering about how idiosyncratic my current cyberinfrastructure is. Essentially there’s a bifurcation: The business me with a website devoted to my career as a creative director and copywriter, and there’s the photographer with multiple online portfolios.

Maybe what all this reduces to is that I have lived by my portfolio my entire creative career. Rather than a single cohesive presentation, hopefully I am, at minimum, the sum of my many online parts. Or more.

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