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Introduction- Assignment 1

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Hello All,

My name is Luis Pacheco and I’m a junior sociology major/linguistics minor at the University of Mary Washington.  As you can tell from my avatar/webpage, I am a huge fan of video games in general.  I find them to be entertaining, interactive, and overall great experiences.  On my blog, I plan on having a video game related theme going on.  Everything from reviews, soundtracks, new releases, etc.  Besides from that, I am also a huge fan of sports, mostly football, soccer, and tennis.  I play tennis and am actually a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which I practiced for 8 years.

The other day I purchased a new video game, Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii.  Everything in this game is extremely nostalgic from the level design, music, and gameplay.  The difficulty is rather high, which I like because it makes it challenging.  The atmosphere is amazing and I think it has one of the greatest soundtracks seen yet on a Wii game.

The past week I made it to the final boss (which is not too creative), and it took me a while to defeat him.  You need to hit his weak points a total of 7 times, but I kept on dying after hiting him 6 times.  Of course this was quite frustrating, but after about 5 hours of continuous attempts, I finally beat the game.  Overall, the game was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to any Wii owners out there.

Thats about it for my 1st post and I look forward to posting more things in the future.


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