Slow and Steady

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Experimenting with my blog has turned out to be a bit taxing on my mental health. First, the process of even setting up my blog took forever based on the tiniest human error. In a field where I had to type in my blog url ( I inputed it as This set me back a few days, leaving me a bit behind in class.

But, now that I have this blog up, I’ve been searching through the plugins, utterly blown away by the vast array of all things blog-ish. How do I choose through the multitude of plugins to find ones worthy enough for my blog? My blog is going to focus mostly upon music (via mash-ups, parodies, and whatever else I creatively make) so I searched mostly for plugins that could work with music. I downloaded some flash picture sliders, incase I may need some cool ways to show pictures. I found ways to save space by using youtube lite, a way to post youtube videos without flash until you click it.

There is still much more to be explored, so I’m gonna sum this up and get back to searching. I’ll leave you with this: Jim Groom was right when he said this class would be quite the handful….

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