Temporarily Done.

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It’s the end of week two of ds106 and I believe I’ve got my blog temporarily (almost spelled that wrong) finished, if that point of no return even exists in the blogging (I don’t think it does.)

I’ve got all the necessary plugins/widgets in place. As everyone else found, Google Analytics was a pain to install but I believe it’s working now. I used a plugin called Web Ninja Google Anlaytics, mostly because I like ninjas. Am I  right in thinking that there’s really nothing that shows up on the blog itself that pulls in your GA numbers? That’s not happening right now and I don’t need it too anyways.

TwitterTools is showing my recent tweets in the right sidebar and I installed a retweet button called TweetMeMe for posts. Retweet my stuff! That’s the point of everything.

I embedded a youtube vid and my extensive (three) archives at the bottom.

My header picture is a photo of some clover I took in Los Padres National Forest about here in California. Big Sur is probably the coolest (natural) place I’ve ever been. I have a number of pictures that I’m going to switch through during the semester.

So now everything is done. But not for long.

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