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welcome to the internet.

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I finally got this thing figured out! It took a while but I finally got things worked out and under control. I’m not exactly computer illiterate but I’m not exactly a Bill Gates either so things started off kinda rough and frustrating. That’s all in the past though, things are looking up from here! (I hope.)

It was such a pain getting to this stage of the process though. I had no issues buying my domain or hosting service and I was able to point my domain to the webhost just fine. It was logging into CPanel so that I could set up everything else that was causing me headaches. I finally figured it out though: something about my ISP at my apartment is being blocked so I have to go to my mom’s house to be able to access it. I’m hoping to find a way around this shortly so that I can blog and work from the comfort of my own couch. No pain, no gain though!

Now that I have my website up and running, I’m really excited to start exploring and adding things! I really think this class is going to help me create a space all my own that I will continue to update beyond the end of this semester. As for now, I’m just glad that I’m finally able to post things. One step at a time I guess.

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