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The world according to Google

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As someone who teaches ‘Web’and has been online since 1995 I’ve seen most of the major developments in the Web and the Internet, from the drab days of Netscape grey and Compuserve through to ‘the world according to Google’. I’ve always had  a a pretty strong idea of what I thought ‘Web 2.0′ to mean, and the article What is Web 2.0 hasn’t really altered my opinion. I’ve always understood Web 1.0 to be the consumer web, where organisations and technical people created content for others to consume. The (r)evolution to Web 2.0 happened when it became possible for those who were web consumers to create and share their own content easily. I think in terms of evolution since that point, the web is now offering non-technical people the ability to create mashups of various systems and services that can in turn compete with services offered commercially. Web 2.o is about removing the barriers and enabling people to work, to create and to share as easily online as off.

Web Evolution on PhotoPeach (unfortunately this won’t embed as WordPress strips the HTML – not so peachy after all!)

All images used in the slideshow were obtained from Flickr and have been licensed under Creative Commons.

Images from Flickr  attributed to jacobms, ntr23, Kenn Wilson, cote, Andre Charland, Joi, DJ tronick, poolie, liewcf, Octavio Rojas, Bruno Abreu, Adriano Gasparri, juque, danny sullivan

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