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Up on the Sun – DS106 Radio Show

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So I put together a ~30 minute set for DS106 radio.  Should be coming up shortly – hope I’m not in a meeting when it happens, because I was going to try to cut in live and mobile from Papaya (an iPhone app – anyone have an Android solution?), just to see if it works.

I’ll see if I can’t get pointers to the sauce up here, but the show features selections and samples (in order of appearance) from Clutch, 12 Oz. Mouse, Soul Coughing, Buddhist Monks of Maitri Vihar Monastery, Sesame Street, Eazy E, Degrassi Junior High (for my Canadian friends – I loved this show when I was a kid), Fivestyle, the Atari game Reactor, Sesame Street (again), Euphone, Phantasm (the movie), Ween, some Gamelan music, Camper Van Beethoven, Thundarr the Barbarian, Minor Threat, Herbie Hancock, Powwow Highway (the movie),  my original DS106 bumper, Queens of the Stone Age and Hüsker Dü.

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