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Wednesday: Or “The Post in Which Many Things Are Addressed”

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Became sick on Sunday. Have eaten about five packages of Halls cough drops.

Now an anthropomorphic throat lozenge.

Finally finished something I started on Saturday. I’m rather proud of it since it’s so ridiculous.
Note** Though Gaia and Eros and Tartarus weren’t born from Chaos, most scholars agree that Chaos (better translation is Void, or Space) made it possible for those three to come into existence.
***Aphrodite was born of Uranos’s genitalia, the nymphs and other things from his blood.
**** Poseidon and Amphitrite had Triton. I just wasn’t going to list all fifty of Nereus’s daughters.
*****Also, I know this is incomplete, but I didn’t want to list all of the monsters and heroes and other things I left out because this took long enough. I’d have to move Zeus waaaaaay over to encompass all of his progeny.

Also: Digital Storytelling thing. Web 2.0 as a movie poster.

Music: “1000 Ships of the Underworld” by Two Steps From Hell

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