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Web 2.0 Response

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The common theme between the web 2.0 articles and the creative commons article seemed to be that web 2.0 is all about living content that’s constantly changing and updating thanks to contributions by participating web users. I agree that that’s definitely a description of the major theme of web use today, with users all adding their own pieces to the web in organized ways so that things aren’t just connected, but actually take on an evolving shape.

Anyways, what this really made me think about was web 3.0. What will web 3.0 be like?

There’s been a ton of attention given to augmented reality applications lately, especially all the media buzz about that iphone application that can translate street signs in real-time. You’ve also got all kinds of regular appliances and electronics, everything from T.V.s to refrigerators that are either currently on the market or were just revealed at CES 2011 that can connect to the web and are connectable with mobile devices. All of these are really exciting, but I feel like similarly to web 1.0, the concept is still connectivity.

Not sure exactly where i’m going here, but a few more thoughts. I think one of the last barriers to a web 3.0, and something that, at least in my opinion, hasn’t changed very much or been replaced with something revolutionary…. is the web browser. To me, the whole idea of still having to open an application on a computer or a mobile device in order to access web content is still pretty primitive (not that i’m offering any better ideas). Also, the fact that we still have to and save and store things on the internet in order to access them from another device feels equally as old-school.

I recently saw the movie Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, and there’s this scene where they’re in Mark Wahlberg’s apartment where everyone’s huddled around his desk. On his desk, he has 3 computer monitors, and he’s able to swipe the content on one screen into an adjacent screen. That’s what I want! I should be able to swipe a term paper I have written on my computer onto my smartphone, walk to the library, and then swipe the paper onto a printing device (I guess, then i’d use swipe to pay NFC). Is all of that really so much to ask for?

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