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But I digress

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My contributions to my MOOCs this week have been limited. Hopefully, today I will catch up with the readings. The main energy drain for me this week has been a deep dive into Adobe Captivate 5 which I have on a 30-day trial. I opened the trial, looked at the interface and really didn’t know where to begin. What to do?

When I bought Adobe CS3 a few years back, I received a 30-day trial to for which I have a lot of respect and had used for Photoshop training longer ago than my purchase of CS3. I had never used the trial and voila my coupon still worked! So I’ve spent most of my week learning Captivate 5 and have to say I am impressed. I know I will end up using it for training and it’s much more elegant (and logical) for making presentations in my opinion than Powerpoint which it is happy to import.

Beyond presentations, there’s a powerful quizzing and branching capability and an ability to easily work with many kinds of “multimedia.”

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