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WEB 2.0 Impressions

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After reading the article I was surprised I had never heard of the term WEB 2.0 before. Growing up in a generation that had witnessed much of the evolution of Internet, I can certainly say it has had a tremendous effect on me and undoubtedly many of my peers. It used to be only the hard core HTML geeks could get their thoughts across the world wide web, now all the hard work is taken out. These days, for better or worse, the internet is a medium for any average Joe spill his thoughts out for all to see. I thought the article did a great job in capturing the essence of what this class is about, which is how the evolution of the internet has lead to a new a kind of story telling and at this point the different ways of telling a story seem to be growing every day. These new methods of story telling share an unprecedented level of accessibility, which in turn allows people easily build off each others thoughts and even implement shared web tools and techniques. I think it was interesting how it talked about how the role of the reader has also changed.  Readers can now comment on stories to let authors have direct feed back from an anonymous person, which can be a great source for constructive criticism. Perhaps more importantly readers have the power to share, which  is largely the  root of digital storytelling’s power. Readers have control of sending something they think is amusing to another person and it can go any from there.

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