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Week 1 Day 2: Daily Shoot Assignment

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Pull For...FIRE! ds443

I was not as pleased with this photo as with the one from yesterday’s assignment (although it does amuse me quite a bit). I’m currently using my mom’s camera and unfortunately it does not take inside shots very well (although I am told it works fairly well outside). In a copy of this photo, I tried to make it look better or more crisp, but I it ended up not looking natural, which is kind of what I want my photos to be–it is what it is and has not been tampered with in Photoshop to look better–since I kind of relate Photoshopping regular photos to airbrushing models. It’s just not a good practice and it gets all of your hopes up/mislead.

I took this photo in the basement of Combs on the outside of the North stairwell. I had been trying to see if I could get a picture of a lock, but it just wasn’t working. On a whim, I pointed my camera at the alarm-pulley-thingie and noticed it said “PULL FOR FIRE” if you cut off the top.

And that is how this photo for assignment 443 was born.

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