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ds106 beckoned stories about anything written in windows media player

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Challenge for ds106

The Assignment:
Using Windows Media Player*, construct a playlist of songs (using song titles only) that can go together to form a sentence, a poem, a new song, etc. When you are done, print your screen, paste it in paint and upload it to your blog, flickr, etc., tagging it.

1) No altering of the song title in ANY way. (This includes a “remix” tag.) You may, however, remove a “featuring…” from the title if you find it to be distracting.

2) Your sentence/story/poem/whatever can be funny, but it MUST make sense.

3) Format your print screen as above with song title, length, and the name of the artist. Nothing else please.

4) Also, consider signing every post you make with a signature song, such as mine, “The Shy One” by B*Witched.

*This could also possibly work with iTunes.
How did I come up with this fabulous idea, do you hopefully wonder ask?

Well…awhile ago I was randomly scanning the ds106 blogs and came upon this blog entry by Brad Efford. I really liked how he was telling a story by showing the links he had been recently looking at and for some reason, I connected Youtube links to music to songs and song titles in Windows Media Player and thought it would be a cool idea to tell a story using song titles. But the idea never went farther than that 2.5ish weeks ago.

Until at work, Wednesday morning, I just had this idea and I had to do it. I was sitting there, stuffing a mailing and listening to my MP3 player when I got bored. I was pretty much in dire need of new music and was at the point where I was scanning the 1,844 songs I had on it to find something listenable. While I was ransacking it A-Z, after looking at recently added and Albums and Artists, I realized that many of the songs I had started with the same thing, ex. all the “I…” and the “Who…”. From there, I started writing this note, the first of hopefully many.

Note #1

I know it’s a little awkward to read at first with the lack of punctuation and spaces, (and I’ve gotten many a “WTF mate?” partnered with a blank stare when I tell first tell someone about it), but I find it to be a lot of fun and once you recognize the sentence/poem/story/whatever, it becomes pretty cool. It’s like a Post-It note via a playlist. The only thing I have not taken into consideration is if the songs sound good together. Unfortunately, many probably won’t at first, but that’s okay. Eventually, I will make more where the songs thematically follow the theme/story in the song titles.

So there you have it. Make it work, people.

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