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Looking Back

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I would like to take the time and reflect on my experience taking photos for the Daily Shoot everyday for the past week.  And so I begin… On Monday we had to take a photo that showed repetition.  I had already gone to class and had my dose of vitamin D for the day, so I decided to take different look at my apartment and find repetition there.  I took shots of my desk, the carpet, bar stools, and tables.  I experimented with angles and levels, which is something I never did before.  I did not have a difficult time finding repetition, and looking back, I did not stress out while taking the pictures.  I just kept clicking away at whatever I saw.  Later, I used Picasa to adjust the lighting, shadow etc in my photos.  This really made a difference I believe in the way I viewed my photos.  The next day I started a new routine, or something that I hope will become routine.  As soon as I woke up, I got on the Daily Shoot site to find out my next assignment, then I put my camera in my jacket pocket so I could whip it out whenever something caught my eye on campus.  I had my camera when I went to lunch with my friends and they suggest things to take pictures of as well.  We all had a good laugh with this.  But a funny thing happened through the week… I guess I was not fully awake when I read the daily shoot assignments because I ended taking some photos of things that had nothing to do with the assignment. Then again, it could have been related some way. AH HA! Each day I looked back at my day through my photos and it definitely put a smile on my face.

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