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Hey, check me out as Pokemon #4444!

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I was really excited to try out the Pokemon card design assignment. I have played at least one of every game that has come out since the beginning (borrowing my brother and sister’s Red, Blue, and Yellow). I currently own Pokemon Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, Diamond, Platinum, and SoulSilver. I am also going to buy Pokemon White (since my brother has laid claim to Pokemon Black) when it comes out on March 6. My favorite and best game was Pokemon Silver, which I was at 220 out of the 250/251 you needed to complete the game WITHOUT using the cheat where you replicate the Pokemon to get many many copies and loads of Master Balls by changing boxes and turning off the power and using a game shark. My favorite Pokemon of all time include Feraligatr and Espeon. I also have collected many of the trading cards back in the fifth grade that my brother now uses to torture us with in one of those paper trading card games. Even though I never really got the hang of playing the paper version(s) of the game, I still like looking at them and pretending I’m in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe where you toss the card and the thing comes to life.

So in short, I was very excited to have the option to make my own Pokemon card for homework this week. I made it in Paint, which I know is not as fabulous as Photoshop, but it gets the job done and I like being able to attempt at creating awesome things out of something that is kind of archaic and has limitations. I decided to be a Psychic type because my favorite color is purple and usually the Psychic types are slightly more badass than all the other types. I know Sabrina and the like are usually defeated with a simple Dark type attack, however if you get one (a Psychic type) at a high enough level, they can learn loads of good attacks and usually have a really high Special Attack.

I think my card is pretty self-explanatory, although I did make myself “#4444″ because 1) it’s my favorite number (4 fours in a row and there are four letters in the number four), and 2) they keep inflating the Pokemon “gotta catch ‘em all” number with each game. They haven’t gotten to #4444 yet, but perhaps someone in the Pokemon game making business will stumble across this card and name #4444 after me when we get there.

Me as a Pokemon

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