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You only got 4 icons to tell a whole story…

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Here is my attempt at The Four Icon Challenge created by Kyle Tezak and submitted by Tim Owens.

Guess which movie in 4 icons...

I drew all of them in Microsoft Paint.

In case you cannot decipher them…/What should be running through your head if you’re like “WTF mate?”…
1. A pilgrim hat with the initials “SP” written in a heart.
2. Hot pink hair of a girl.
3. A “VS” or “versus” symbol.
4. The name and phone number of some person (a girl?) named “Ramona” with seven x’s underneath it. Kisses?

***Spoilers Below. ***

1. Scott Pilgrim-”Every Pilgrim reaches the end of its journey…some sooner than others.”-Roxy. I decided to go with a Pilgrim hat to reference that his last name is “Pilgrim” and that they often reference him as being a Mayflower pilgrim. The initials “SP” on the buckle with the heart are supposed to reference the Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt he wears when he goes to battle Gideon. I figured this was the most important depiction of him-the main character.
2. Ramona’s hairstyle and color of when we and Scott first meet her. Also references the drawing Scott holds up in the movie to ask Comeau, “Hey, Comeau, you know everybody…Have you seen a girl with hair like this?” I wanted to have Ramona as my second icon because the movie is basically about how he gets to be with her.
3. “VS” symbol seen at the beginnings of each battle between Scott and Ramona’s evil exes, usually in blue (although with Roxy’s fight it is pink). I thought this would reference the video game/fighting game aspect of the movie.
4. My attempt at a replication of the note Ramona gives Scott when he asks her for her phone number. With “seven DEADLY X’s,” not kisses like Scott originally thought. I originally just drew 7 deadly x’s, but then I thought it would be cooler to replicate the note he gives to Ramona because for awhile Scott doesn’t even realize why he has to fight.

I hope this amuses you, dear reader.

Final note: If you have not seen Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, please do so now. That is all.

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