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We Are All Artists

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On Thursday I spoke with the ds106 face to face course happening simultaneously at the University of Mary Washington. As this is my first time participating in a MOOC it was a great honor and privilege to get to interact a bit with those students and perhaps offer something inspirational and challenging. Below is the cheatsheet, and once audio is posted I will have that here as well.

  • Creativity is not inherited
  • In sports we accept the idea that with practice, we can get better. Why can’t we translate that to art?
  • A creative environment can foster creativity
  • ds106 is giving you that environment
  • Do not accept the lie that you were just not born creative
  • We are more creative when we are uncomfortable
  • Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary
  • Take something complex and make it simple
  • Take something new and make it old
  • Find inspiration in the world around you


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