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Week 1 Days 5, 6, & 7

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So I have completely not kept up with blogging about my Daily Shoot photos and I apologize for that. In the next couple days I will post what I have been working on (for another class-a very intense project) and hopefully you will feel slightly sympathetic for me. But onwards! (Or slightly looking in the past…)

Day 5
Peer into the depths...

ds446: Create a photo today that gives a sense of depth or dimension.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for this shot. I had thought “well, maybe I should check out something or try to shoot something that is deep, like a pond.” Then I thought, well, I could shoot a fountain or someone sitting by a fountain “deep” in thought, in sort of “The Thinker” pose. But I just didn’t like the shots I got and the clock was ticking and I really needed to get to dance rehearsal. It ended up being a blessing though because as I was stretching, in the dance studio, I looked in the mirror and noticed the colors in the sky were really pretty. I quickly got my camera and shot the windows and really liked how it turned out, especially with the flash.

Day 6
Swirling Pinks

ds447: Go abstract today and make a photograph that focuses on form and color rather than detail.

I had no idea what to do for this day’s assignment. On a whim, I took a close-up of a rose that I got and I really like how it turned out. I didn’t use Photoshop or anything, so I’m really surprised that it looks like it has some type of sheen or filter on it. It makes me think of icing from a cake.

Day 7
Lady Plug in the Rain

ds448: Power plugs are ubiquitous. Can you make a creative photo of such a common thing? Try it today!

I made a larger scene for this. I had the idea that it would be cool to dress up a power plug and fortunately I remembered that we have this weird one in our kitchen that just hangs in the wall four feet off the ground. I ended up rooting around in my accessories drawer for the bucket hat, which I used for an umbrella and the necklace and scrunchy I used for a plant and water, respectively (although you can only see the water in the larger photo I did here). The plants came from the roses bouquet I got the day before (and used for ds447). I cropped it for the Daily Shoot because I thought it looked better.

Analysis of Week 1:
For the assignments I have an idea for, I am really excited to do them. For the ones that I have no idea about them, I just get a headache. And then panic. And then panic with a headache until I eventually get the “money shot” and then I’m slightly happy with them.

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