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DS106 & PLEK12

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Now that I have joined two moocs at the same time, it can truly be concluded that I am clinically insane.  Nevertheless I was drawn to the DS106 precisely because of the requirement to secure and set up a domain. It was promised that the community could provide help if needed. And, it was perfect timing for several reasons:

  • I had just sold my only two domains for a small fortune (after 10 years)
  • Will Richardson challenged us in his blog to secure web domains for our children – which I did for my two cubbies
  • I was ripe for the challenge of hosting domains, not just sit on them for another 10 years (some people are   s–l–o–w–) so I took that on full force this weekend
  • In the mean time I had no domain of my own so I went on to secure a few I liked.

Whew. It’s been a whirl wind of activity.  I need help with my next steps.  Calling all my communities – large and small. Can you hear me?

I set up my son’s DJ domain here: and loaded it with wordpress. Now it just looks like another wordpress blog. How can I customize the structures? I have access to so I am checking out those tutorials.  Can I create a page to store and stream audio files?

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