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Less Is More: Design/Photography Highlights

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Needless to say DS106 students have created some amazing things over the last few weeks of the course. It’s not going to be easy to pick just a few, but I’m going to try. Here are some of my highlights from the design/photography portion of the class.

I’ll start with some Daily Shoot submissions. This one by Cali4beach comes to mind as one of my favorites.

The Troll Invasion

It would have been a great shot even if it were just the stairs, but who would have thought of the trolls? It’s kind of bizarre but so creative.

Then there’s this one by Mr. Thimble. It’s so simple but I think it’s brilliant.


As for the design assignments, my favorite minimalist movie posters were this “Jaws” poster by tyszka7 and these “Psycho” posters by jcarlos. The “Jaws” poster is so professionally done and the “Psycho” posters execute the black and white theme perfectly.

My favorite 5 Card Flickr Story was this one by Sofia. This assignment wasn’t an easy one, so it’s pretty spectacular that she was able to turn her story it into such a cohesive and engaging mystery.

Finally, I really liked this Pokemon card done by Call_lean. I don’t know Colleen but I feel kind of like I do because she’s done such a good job of expressing herself in everything she’s done so far. I like the way she encapsulated some key traits of her personality in such a creative but concise way.

While a lot of people in Digital Storytelling have created some very elaborate and awesome works, I guess I’m most impressed by the minimalist creations. The way some people in the class have told such amazing stories using so little shows that less really is more.

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