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Playing with Audio

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So last fall, the ROTC guys and I participated in the UMW Lip Sync contest, and took 2nd place.

Action shot (I’m the guy in the middle, and yes, I breakdance):

We came up with a track back then and it went really well.  We used Audacity to get it done, and it was a lot of fun putting it together.  We want to put together another set of choreography and compete again in the fall.  I put together a potential track for it, and it’s right here:  here .  It includes the tracks:  Give a Little More – Maroon 5, DJ’s Got Us Falling in Love – Usher, Stronger – Kanye West,  My Love – Justin Timberlake, and Beggin’ – Madcon.

In the track we made in the fall, the transitions were kind of weird and not so smooth, and it messed with the choreography a little bit.  I did my best this time around to make it so that the different pieces connected at natural breaks and pauses within the tracks themselves, smoothing out the transitions in a more natural way.  Now all I’ve gotta do is come up with some dance moves to go along with it.  Let me know what you think!

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