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Radio T-Shirts

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So, while we all wait for me to redo my amazing radio logo design to make it big enough to fit on a tshirt (the quality degrades too much when you resize it up)((Also I’m trying to put together a resume for my future life/battling disillusionment/would you like to give me a job?)), here are a two shirts I designed for WMWC (UMW’s other radio station) a few years ago.

I silk screened two runs of the first shirt (no idea how many, at least a hundred?), but the second one was deemed too controversial/discriminatory by our faculty adviser. (Turns out Fredericksburgers find communism puns to be of the utmost vulgarity)

Yeah that’s braille. Yes, I realize it’s not very tasteful. I’ve since taken Foss’s DisLit and hope I am absolved of my past transgressions.

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