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Taking Digital Storytelling, part I: My Classmates and their work

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While I’m typically all for looking back and giving praise where praise is due, the fact that we are being told to do this in a specific post seems rather redundant if we’ve been doing the commenting that we’re supposed to do. And I have. As Mauve’s bird says: “WHIRRRRRRRRR.”

Okay. So. Things I’ve seen and liked… Well, everything has been pretty awesome. I liked just about every single one of the four icon challenges, though some were more effective than others. To name two specific ones I was impressed with:

Posted by David in Elavated Transfer

Galagon’s hand-drawn awesomeness.

I thought the addition of color to newspaper blackout poetry by Jessica was particularly creative.

It’s difficult for me to pick and choose photos that I spotted simply because I tended to go through the DailyShoot website to make my comments. I remember liking Cali4beach’s dailyshoot assignments consistently. She’s got quite the eye for photography and I can imagine that she could be quite the force to reckon with if she kept with it.

Jordan’s Media Player/iTunes poem was excellent, and then she went and took it to a new level. Awesome!

Well, there are more, undoubtedly, that I enjoyed, but I’m at a loss for them now. If I remember any others, I’ll see about posting them.

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