Audio Dream Stories

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_cpzh4: This is a variation off of AudioAssignments70: Sound Effects Story, except the main goal of this assignment is to create a story using only sounds (no words) found on the Internet that tells the story of a dream using audio.

Restrictions: use only sounds from and a max of 2 minutes. Please remember to credit those who you have sampled.

Also, please refrain from having 6+ “layers” in a dream. We all know from watching Inception that by that time, you’re way beyond the normal dreaming mind constructs and into the subconscious., _cre1l: Audio, _d415a:, _d5fpr: Jordan, Andrew, & Colleen (Krollinghachy), _clrrx: 73, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 370

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