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Reaction to Switched at Birth

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I thought the intro was a boring considering the extraordinary situation. But the more I heard the more I got caught up in the story. I thought it was weird how fast Bob sort of discarded his sister after he found out about the switch, even though they didn’t really have much in common the whole time, they still grew up together!  Marty’s mom could have gone about this a lot better than just waiting forty years and mailing her a pamphlet circling the names of her new family members. She was very matter of fact about the whole thing, she could have been a lot more sensitive about the situation. This story makes you wonder how often this actually happens? It’s fascinating to see how other people could tell that they didn’t quite seem to fit in with their families. Not too say that it was a bad thing, but that they just didn’t carry out all the same traits and mannerisms that the rest of the house hold may have. I feel although it is definitely important to know who your biological parents are, the real parents are who ever has been in that child’s life.  Sounds really cliche and obvious saying that, but this whole story really makes you think about what family is. Ira Glass did a great job presenting this crazy narrative and dividing the story out into sections shedding light from different family members.

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