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“Here’s a list of the things I like, these things are the things I like!”

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I wasn’t particularly good at it, because of lack of talent, forgetfulness, and chronic fatigue (according drug companies, I need to seek solace in pills), but the Daily Shoot did some good things for me. My artful eye got a tad more observent. I tried to look at my surroundings in a new way, and sometimes that fresh perspective picked up my day, and during grey winter weather (hopefully long gone) I needed something to make me realize that the world wasn’t entirely dull. In fact, the only reason I love this warm weather is the sun and the light it shines on my surroundings. The daily shoot became my placebo sun, and now I look around and tufts of brown grass, glowing emergency lights, and cigarette-burned adirondack chairs aren’t so glum.

On a creepier note, I became acutely aware that my unending fascination with observing human interaction makes me a stalker, and unable to focus on the awesome non-human things surrounding them.

AND, I realized that DORM ROOMS KICKS ASS. Why? Everyone’s weird stuff (the physical kind) is out in the open. In college, you can’t hide your collection of denim, x-men comics, plastic lizards, shells, cases upon cases of blue gatorade, condoms with freaky/dumb special features, pennies, and light-bulb art. I’m now really into invading other people’s space, because I was always walking into friends rooms looking for inspiration, not really finding it, and then rifling through their treasure/junk. If you hoard something, I will find it, and then I will try my VERY hardest to feature it in a daily shoot.

Also, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show (Great Job!) is where the title from this post originated from.

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