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These past two weeks of Daily Shoot and design projects have been a real slice (anyone?). I loved trying to be creative and seeing what other people did. Megan M.’s project would be my ideal Valentine’s Day card. Also, Megan’s visual with Star Wars on Facebook is awesome!!!!! I love Star Wars and I can only imagine how far this could go….perhaps into a galaxy far far away.  And this work by Forsythe is just incredible…if I had talents like that…well…my dreams might be more fun. A fellow teammate’s blog made me laugh when I read their Flickr 5 Card Story.

I’ll admit, I didn’t have enough time in the day to get the exact shots I wanted, nor would I necessarily have been able to given every second possible, but I tried and had some success…so that’s a win in my book. For the window prompt…I fell in love with this one. Not only did they take an amazing photo, they thought completely out of the box and took a picture within a picture. Also, sorry Megan, I liked a lot of what you did…shoulda been an Art major. Her perspective photo was interesting and fresh.

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