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Rococop Rap

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I am addicted to this retelling of the story of Robocop as a rap. It takes ten minutes to cover the entire narrative of the film in loving detail. It gets super bonus points for including the actual recorded dialogue from the original film woven into the rhythm and rhyme.

I was born at a time that allowed Robocop to be burned into my psyche during my formative years. To me, it will always be a B-Movie classic. This rap just makes me smile. Of course it does miss out on fake commercials that were interspersed into the narrative that really set the stage for the message of just how messed up this near-future America truly is: class inequity taken to extreme, blatant disregard for the environment, and total capitalistic corruption of the healthcare system. One of these mock commercials that perhaps was unfortunately especially prescient was for an automobile, “The 6000 SUX, bigger is better, An American Tradition, 8.2 MPG”


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